Friday, September 6, 2013

It's been a while -- okay a year -- since I posted anything to the blog.  We were more than overwhelmed with coping with winter on a remote farm in central Kentucky.  We went through a lot of wood because our electrician could not get the new heat pumps working correctly, and the house was under-insulated.  There were other problems, most of them caused by two city dwellers moving into the country and being woefully unprepared for what lay in store for them.
Final upside: we made it through, and many of the perks of living out here made themselves evident: finding out that we could depend on our neighbors, and realizing the sense of fulfillment that comes with letting them rely on us.  Days of so much snow that we could not get down our steep gravel drive, and being forced to really see scenery that was so breathtakingly beautiful it would break your heart.  Going out into the woods with two excited grandchildren to cut down the Christmas tree, and dragging it home to where Grandma had made hot chocolate, and drinking it while warming up in front of the fire place.  The quiet. 
I am going to do a series of postings on how living in the woods has changed my photography, and the changes in my life and art, but for today this will do. 

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