Friday, January 13, 2012

Saying Goodbye -- Saying Hello

Saying Goodbye...

And I had to say goodbye to Gallery 104 in La Grange.  Wonderful people, fun place to be, but I was not selling, and it was costing me to drive eighty miles round trip to work a couple of days a month.

When Solaris Gallery in Versailles decided to represent me, pieces and prints that sat unsold in La Grange started going out the door in Versailles,  so switching my stock t the new gallery was a no-brainer. 


I have also been accepted at the Kennydid Gallery of Photographic Art in Midway Kentucky, so my "area" seems to be moving away from Louisville and more towards Lexington.  I like this.  It's closer to home, and sales are up!  Win win for everybody!